Journalistic Work

When the Pentagon was hit on September 11, 2001, we were there live on-air within minutes right across the street. When Katrina flooded News Orleans, we spent 10 days there, filling news stories to every national newscast of our clients.

Since 1990, our news operation in Washington, DC has met deadlines every day with editorial content of the highest quality. Producers, reporters, videographers and editors create news stories and magazine pieces in the United States, Europe, Asia and in the Middle East. Over the years, our international staff has produced:
* 301 magazine shows (half-hour format)
* over 3,000 news stories
* over 300 feature pieces
* live reports on every major news event in the United States and Europe

TV Globo, the largest network in Latin America, is our main news client. Our correspondents in the American capital are on-air talent for all of Globo's network and cable news programs.

Over the years, almost forty broadcasters around the world have used our content. Here are some:
* RAI 2 - Italy
* Telemontecarlo - Italy
* ESPN - Brazil
* ESPN - Argentina
* SBT - Brazil
* Megacable - Mexico
* Caracol - Colombia
* ITV - Chile
* Panamericana - Peru